#delphi @ IRCNet

#delphi is an IRC channel for Borland Delphi and Kylix programming tools.
You are free to come here and talk and ask questions if you follow our rules.


  1. Speak English (national Delphi channels)
  2. We are not your personal helpdesk. Ask your questions at the channel and not in a query. Use the query only if you have some personal business to the person.
  3. No warez. You will be banned if you reqest for any cracks/warez.
  4. Be patient
  5. Do not ask to ask - just ask your question
  6. Do not over repeat your questions
  7. Do not use colors (you will be autokicked if you use them)
  8. Do not paste large chunks of code to the channel. Upload it to web instead.
  9. Lame scripts (public channel commands, war scripts etc.) are not allowed.
  10. Behave.

Also, usage of search engines (such as Google) is recommended before asking questions.

If you are searching for Delphi/Kylix components, check Torry.net before asking from the channel. Remember to check links section, too.

Failure to follow rules will result in kick and if you continue to break rules you will be banned.

Also, you will be charged the following fees:

Infringement Fee
Querying channel operator 500 € per message
Asking, if anybody can help (meta question) 250 € per question
Flooding 10 000 € per flood
Becoming op 50 000 € per user
Removing ban 25 000 € per ban
Speaking non-english language 500 € per line
Using colors 1 000 € per letter
Saying »CIAO A TUTTI!« 750 € each time
Saying »CIAO A TUTTI!« with color 2 500 € each time